How to get there

Yelyzavety Chavdar St, 3
GPS: N 50.3937 E 30.6198
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plane From Boryspil Airport
From Borispol airport to the hotel Poznyaki "economy version". Landing on the Sky Bus at the Boryspil Airport takes place at terminals B, D and F. The Sky Bus parking lot near Terminal B is a little to the left if you exit the main entrance of the terminal. At Terminal F, the Sky Bus stops right on the first line near the terminal. Intermediate bus stop: metro station Kharkivskaya, Syretsko-Pecherskaya metro line (green)
train From the railway and central bus station
If you go from the railway station, get to the metro station "Teatralnaya" with a subsequent transfer to the station "Golden Gate". From the central bus station - get to the metro station "Leo Tolstoy" and then transfer to the station "Palace of Sports". When you exit the metro, you get into the underpass, on the left side go upstairs, then turn left again and you get to the narrow path leading between the trade pavilions, 150 m - the church (temple), behind the church is a 25-storey house with a green tip.
bus From the Central Bus Station
From the Bus Station, head 500 meters forward towards the south bridge to the bus #220 stop (the stop is opposite to the central entrance of the ROSHEN factory). The walk time from the bus station to the Osokorky metro station is 15 minutes. When you exit at the bus stop of the Osokorky metro station, you need to go forward 50 meters in the direction of the bus and turn right onto a narrow path leading between the trade pavilions. After 150 m - the church (temple), behind the church is a 25-storey house with a green top (residential building). Informational sign Chavdar, 3 (1-198) is placed on the large green metal-plastic doors of the central entrance. To the right of the front door is a digital combination. To receive a digital code to the house, you must first contact the administrator on duty.